We’ve established a dedicated branch focused on alternative data sourced directly from FOB Sugar and Grains markets. This data is meticulously collected to ensure it is free from delays or interference from third parties, offering a level of reliability that distinguishes it from other sources in the industry. As the leading benchmark in the industry, our commitment to providing accurate and timely data sets us apart from the competition.


Why are Cash Commodities Databases Crucial?

Alternative databases allow Traders, Fund managers, and Analysts to:

Improve your Fundamental Analysis

Unique Alternative Data

Increase your PnL

Find New Alphas

Back-test trading strategies


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Most Accurate Physical Prices database


Independent and proprietary data


Launched in 2017, our platform has used a stringent methodology to gather accurate data from historically confidential physical sugar markets.

Today, this data can be used to better understand future outcomes that depend on the impacts of production capacity, price fluctuations, and changing regulations on sugar producers and refiners worldwide.

Fundamentally, knowing live physical sugar prices is essential for predicting sugar futures.As a leading physical sugar brokerage house, we have been collecting with a strict methodology the most accurate prices of the sugar markets over the last few years.

The Deepcore is now centralizing its sugar FOB values worldwide in a secured and private online platform.

Historical Value

Historical & Daily Updated Values

Get full access to current and historical sugar prices, staying informed about the most accurate daily cash prices worldwide, origin by origin, and quality by quality.

How did Thai raw sugar trade in March/May 2018, and what was the NY futures spread like at that time? Compare the recent peak of white sugar FOB Santos to NY spot Futures or the White premium over the past year. Whether you’re a Hedge Fund, trader, analyst, or industrial professional, data is essential.

Give your team clear visibility of global commodity prices: VHP (Raws): Brazil, Thailand, and India. Whites: India, Thailand, Brazil, European 45ic, and domestic prices for Bangladesh, Indonesia & Egypt. Access the most accurate data for your business.

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Get 24/7 access to all the sugar values worldwide day by day by our team and gathered on our platform.The subscription gives you access to our daily updates for up to 10 people from your company.Don’t spend hours getting random values from many different people in the industry every day, get them from a first-class recognized company with the accuracy you deserve.