Arnaud Lorioz

CEO & Founder

Arnaud started his career as an FX & interest rates trader in the banking sector. He joined the sugar industry at the end of 2013 and took over an intertrade brokerage desk in the Brazilian, European, Indian, and Thai sugar markets. After a few years in the industry, he realized that sugar and many other commodities markets were extremely late in digitisation compared to other financial products and B2B business. The idea to create The Deepcore began in 2017 when he realized the growing demand for better and more efficient brokerage in the commodities sector and the number of problems traders were facing with their current solutions.
Arnaud has a keen interest in new technology, digital platforms, big data, and quantitative analysis. He often meets and talks with brokers or traders of other commodities to see how the « Core-In » platform and our AI research solutions can diversify their offering and create value in the process.

Blaise Barré


Blaise Barré is a highly experienced full-stack web developer with a 15-year career, including seven years of successful entrepreneurship. His versatility is evident in collaborations with diverse sectors, including BNP Paribas in the financial domain. Blaise’s journey reflects a trailblazer in the tech industry, with expectations of continued accomplishments and innovations in his forward-thinking career. As a CTO, he has joined Deepcore, which is experiencing growth. His strategic vision and technical expertise have not only contributed to the expansion of Deepcore but have also been instrumental in ensuring the company’s stability and solidity.

Ankit kain

Sugar Broker

Ankit is a versatile professional who has acquired significant experience in a wide array of corporate avenues like project management, business development and sales. He has a background in Engineering and a keen interest in commodities. Trading brought him to France, where he graduated with a master’s degree from the ESCP Business School, London & Paris. Brimming with confidence and raring to break new grounds he started his voyage in commodities with an internship as a Broker in Biofuels & Feedstocks with Greenea. In this internship, he helped in the organization of the biofuels market research, sourcing and managing raw materials from waste streams with the purpose of increasing sustainable feedstock options for biofuels producers. This paved the way for him with The Deepcore for another internship before embarking full time with The Deepcore.

Alexandre Zakhour

Data Business Developer

Alexandre Zakhour is a Data Business Developer Joined Deepcore in 2023 after a robust educational background. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the Lebanese American University in Beirut, followed by a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Skema Business School in Paris. Alexandre has gained valuable experience mainly in the food commodities sector in multiple countries, including Lebanon, Gabon, and France. His professional journey has led him to join The Deepcore, where he has cultivated strong expertise in the commodities data. Alexandre’s academic achievements, coupled with his international internship experiences, contribute to his well-rounded skill set, making him an asset in the field of data business development. Deepcore mission to develop and keep improving its data services.

Eduardo Nogueira

Soybeans digital platform ambassador

Eduardo commenced his professional journey as a broker specializing in soybean and corn within the vibrant Brazilian agricultural sector. Having navigated the commodities landscape, Eduardo noticed a glaring gap in the digitization of markets, particularly within the grains sector. This realization, coupled with a growing demand for improved brokerage services, ignited the inspiration to join Deepcore to establish a more efficient and technologically advanced level of services In 2017, the foundation of Eduardo’s venture was laid as he astutely grasped the significance and scarcity of cash data in the soybean and corn markets in Brazil. Acknowledging the challenges prevalent in traders’ existing solutions, he embarked on a mission to gather and meticulously organize this valuable data. His experience and complementarity with the Deepcore team create an incredible synergy that will benefit all our clients.

Gaël Pagès

AI advisor

Gaël, a quantitative trader with over 15 years of experience in the commodity industry, played a pivotal role in establishing BTG Pactual’s commodity division from 2013 to 2018. Later, he spearheaded a systematic book based on Machine Learning and AI algorithms at Louis Dreyfus Commodities. In 2023, he founded his own venture, offering consulting services and trading in both equities and commodities. Gaël earned an MSc from Ecole des Mines and an MS in Finance from ESCP Europe. A passionate educator, he serves as a visiting lecturer for the Master of Commodity Trading in Geneva and the Master in Finance at ESCP Europe. Today, Gaël contributes to the development of innovative trading software and tools, integrating advanced analytics and data processing capabilities to provide traders and fund managers with powerful solutions.